What is e-liquid? There are several named of e-liquid such as e-liquid itself, e-juice and vape juice. They are just different in names but still for the same stuff. The e-liquid itself is simply the liquid that is converted into vapor by an e-cig device. There are many different types and flavors of e-liquid all over the world. Different types of vaping require different types of vape juice. In addition, we will cover what is in e-liquid and a bit about how it is made.

Vape juice, e-juice- or e-liquid or whatever it is called, must be made in a professional lab setting. The blending of e-juice ingredients requires training and expertise in chemistry. Most of the ingredients in vape juice are food grade. Nonetheless, not all ingredients are equal. To begin a discussion on what is e-liquid, we will start by looking at what is in e-liquid.

There are three awesome flavors for the Ossem Juice Mixed Series. All these flavors are available in 50 ml and 60 ml. It also includes a cooling booster that will give you the biggest  satisfaction in every puff you vape. The first flavor is Ossem Mixed Series Strawberry and Blackcurrant flavor. You can feel the rush of your adrenaline that will always excite you every time when you taste the sweet earthy taste of strawberry and blackcurrant flavor.

The second flavor is the Ossem Juice Mixed Series Vanilla and Lime flavor. The rich and aromatic smell of creamy vanilla and the sourness taste of lime that blends well in the Vanilla Lime flavor will give you a maximum impact into your taste buds from your first sip. It is the perfect combination of flavor that gives the balance taste between the sweet and sour taste in one time.

The next flavor from Ossem Juice is Ossem Juice Mixed Series Jackfruit and Pineapple flavor. The strong smell of topical flavor that comes from the jackfruit and the scent of sweet pineapple fruit will give you the unique taste that you will deeply fall in love with it. Other than that, this ideal combination will give you the real taste of tropical fruits.

All the flavor provided in the Ossem Juice Mixed Series will always give you a fresh start and will boost up your energy for your all day long. All the ingredients chosen only from the high quality and the selected one. So don’t miss out to grab your own flavor of Ossem Juice Mixed Series today!