As for Ossem Fruity Series, it comes with five fruity series flavor.and has been selected as the best selection for you. Great flavor to grab on!!! Our juice are very dear to us and carefully brewed using our own specialized technique to produce an exquisite taste. It will definitely wake your senses with its fresh zest of pleasant flavour. Ossem juice is an E-liquid that gives you an awesome flavor for a better vaping.

There is a lot of series and flavors that you can get on from impressive taste of Ossem Series. Take a peek at American Melon flavor. Sweet and fruity, but not strong tasting because it’s mostly water. It’s best to be puff on cold, after you have been working or playing hard on a hot day.

Secondly, more fruity on Malaysian Mango. A typical local asian taste when you puff. Giving you a rich taste of flavors.Tantalize your taste buds with the famed taste of Mango, that creates the perfect balance between sugary sweet and pleasantly tart. Have yourself a soft, juicy and fragrance feel mango by your own.

Thirdly, for the best selling flavor British Berry is a mouthfeel of juicy. Blueberries are a classic treat that are widely used for their distinct taste, as well as their notable sweetness and tart aftertaste. When selecting a blueberry flavored vape juice however, some formulas stand far above the rest We have come up with our top five picks for the best options. when it comes to looking for blueberry taste that you want in your everyday vaping experience.

Next on Brazilian Lime are the lime flavors that is bright and refreshing. A satisfying dose of sweetness takes the edge off the tartness of the fruit. Lime is a flavor that is sure to bring a pucker to your lips. Light and refreshing, lime-flavoured e-juices are perfect for all-day vaping. 

Lastly, Japanese Peach has been on the third choice. It gives you the sweetness of a fuzzy peach with each inhale. Peach flavored e-liquid is a juicy sweet, dripping with flavor, magically tasty fruit ejuice. Summer is always in the palm of your hand when you have peach flavored e-juice in your tank.